Our story.
Making change happen

Sandwell Council understands the problems it faces in Children's Social Care, and is determined to put them right as a long term project, not simply a series of quick fixes before OfSTED return. Our Improvement Plan is built around 4 programs which should be at the heart of any service, including an excellent one. You can read the Improvement Plan in full here.

At its simplest though, our plan revolves around the principle that children come first. This, in turn, led to our mantra which, delivered through the voice of a child, is 'No decision about me, without me'. We use this mantra to constantly check our working practices and develop new ones. These include MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Team), MAET (Multi-Agency Enquiry Team) and an Early Help approach. Needless to say these systems have improved our care beyond recognition.

Sandwell Children's Services is well on the way to delivering against our targets, but the next step is to employ dedicated and experienced social care professionals just like you.

An interview with
Matthew Sampson, Service Director of Children's Services

Q. How is Sandwell Children's Services progressing against its Improvement Plan?

Sandwell Children Services has developed a new framework which focuses on developing early help and interventions with families to prevent the need to intervene with statutory services. The structure is supported by a MASH which includes 12 agencies sharing information and improving decision making, helping families to be appropriately supported.

Q. What sort of working environment can candidates expect?

We feel that staff should be supported through regular supervision. We focus on development with a range of training programmes to ensure that everyone has a clear career path and opportunity to develop themselves. The working environment we work in is difficult but rewarding as you are supported to succeed. We are working on caseloads being below 20 with a range of services available to support you to achieve positive outcomes with your children and families.

Q. How do you see the new roles improving Sandwell Children's Services?

The service has progressed over the past 12 months and we are aiming to have the capacity to meet demand. We are a constantly evolving service responding to change locally, developing new initiatives to meet changing needs. The roles that we are recruiting too will enhance that development furthering the capacity and enabling you to focus on areas as required.

Q. What's it like working and living in Sandwell?

Sandwell is a challenging but encouraging place to work. It gives great opportunity to make change that improves local people's lives. The service is responsive to staff ideas and challenge whilst developing accountable professionals